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Welcome To Minnesota’s Messiest Primary

The 2nd District GOP Primary Clown Car Just Got Even More Crowded

Republican primary voters in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District already had a menu of disappointing candidates in Jason Lewis, John Howe, and Darlene Miller. But by the time filing closed yesterday, the clown car of a primary field was even more crowded, with the late entrance of its most unapologetic Trump backer, Matt Erickson. After filing, Erickson made it clear that this primary isn’t exactly going to be “Minnesota nice,” as he slammed his fellow Republicans.

Here’s what Erickson had to say about Lewis, Miller and Howe: “I am not handpicked by the Washington establishment. I am not a failed disc jockey snake oil salesman who swindled people through his failed I am not a career politician looking to enhance my resume.”

And that was just Day One…

“Minnesota Republicans’ troubles just got a little worse in the Second District,” said Sacha Haworth of the DCCC. “This messy four-way Republican primary is going to be a slugfest, with every candidate desperate to prove just how radical and out-of-touch they are. No matter who emerges from the rubble, they’ll be in no condition to win in November.”

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