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Does Wesley Hunt Agree with His Donor that ‘People Enjoy Floods?’

A new report reveals Wesley Hunt is set to take money from controversial Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack tonight

Wesley Hunt has some explaining to do. This week, a new report revealed the Republican congressional candidate is set to take money from a controversial figure who previously sparked outrage from Texas flooding victims after claiming “people enjoy floods.”

According to the report, “Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack set the bar for out-of-touch indifference in 2016 when he insulted a group of concerned Houston homeowners by saying that ‘people enjoy floods’ and were looking to ‘cash in’ to buy new cars and get homes remodeled.”

“[Radack’s] remarks were prominently reported by local Houston media, so any claim by Hunt that he didn’t know about them is simply not credible,” the report adds.

Tonight, Hunt is hobnobbing with Radack at a mansion in Houston’s tony River Oaks community.

“As Houstonians continue to recover from flooding and severe weather, it’s shameful that Wesley Hunt is so desperate to go to Washington that he’s welcoming support from someone who told victims of flooding that ‘people enjoy floods,’” DCCC Spokesperson Avery Jaffe said. “These types of out-of-touch comments from Hunt’s donor are just plain wrong, and Texans hate this cynical brand of politics. Wesley Hunt should disavow these comments and refuse Radack’s money.”

A copy of tonight’s fundraising invitation is below.


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