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What Does Steve Chabot Think As Ohio Colleague Retires from Congress, Calling Trump “A Cancer” and Slamming the Direction of the Republican Party?

Does Chabot sympathize with Anthony Gonzalez’s clear-eyed views and warnings about today’s GOP or will he continue quietly cowing to Trump?

Last night, former rising Republican star Rep. Anthony Gonzalez announced his retirement from Congress, calling Trump a “cancer for the country.”

Gonzalez lamented that Republicans “learned the wrong lessons” from the 2020 election and January 6, adding that having Trump continue to serve as the centerpiece of the party “is horribly irresponsible and destructive for the country.”

Gonzalez’s honest take on the growing extremism and cult of personality in the Republican Party stands in stark contrast to his Ohio colleague Steve Chabot, who spent the last year pandering to the ex-president, ultimately voting to decertify Pennsylvania’s election results, fueling Trump’s Big Lie, and choosing not to hold the ex-president accountable for inciting a violent and historic insurrection. 

He also stood silent as the Ohio GOP censured his colleague for voting his conscience on impeachment.

“Anthony Gonzalez has shown more integrity and respect for democracy in one interview than his Republican colleague Steve Chabot has managed over his quarter-century in Congress,” said DCCC spokesperson Abel Iraola. “Ohioans deserve to know if Chabot is willing to be honest with them about the destructive posture of subservience to Trump that dominates in his GOP or if he will wave goodbye to members like Gonzalez while continuing to enable a dangerous and extreme Republican agenda.”


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