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What’s Dangerous Dan Rodimer Hiding? And Who’s Behind His Failing Campaign?

Big Dark Money, Bigger Problems; Rodimer Has Little Business Representing Nevada

Dan Rodimer is really leaning into his sketchy and criminal past. This week, it was revealed that Dangerous Dan Rodimer was not only failing to comply with Federal law by not disclosing his personal financial interests, but also that Rodimer continues to hide his business interests and the source of $270,000 in income.

Now, new financial reports reveal that dark money super PACs who propped up Rodimer’s failing campaign in the GOP primary were single-handedly funded by GOP megadonors with ties to Sheldon Adelson and a dark money group.

Rodimer is so desperate he’s even touting the support of well-known liar and Yucca Mountain supporter Ted Cruz.

If Rodimer is willing to flout the law in order to hide his business interests and hide behind help from special interests and the DC GOP swamp, what else is Dangerous Dan Rodimer hiding from Nevada’s voters? The voters of Southern Nevada deserve to know.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“As Dangerous Dan Rodimer tries to get Nevada voters to forget about his long and sordid criminal record, he has instead focused on his supposed small business record, but Rodimer can’t even come clean about that and instead provides pathetic excuses. If he can’t be honest about his business background and has to get help from dark money and super PACs, how can he give an honest answer to the families of Nevada who are looking for straight shooters and hard workers? The voters of Southern Nevada deserve better than dishonesty from Dangerous Dan Rodimer.”


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