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Will Fitzpatrick Return Chinese Foreign Agent and Alleged Sexual Abuser Steve Wynn’s Money?

DOJ finds GOP mega donor Steve Wynn acted improperly as unregistered foreign agent for Chinese government officials

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick made his desperation for power and campaign cash clear when he refused to give back casino mogul Steve Wynn’s campaign donations despite accusations of rape, assault, and harrassment.

Will Fitzpatrick return Steve Wynn’s campaign cash now that a DOJ report revealed Wynn worked on behalf of communist Chinese government officials?

REMINDER: Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s fundraising committee accepted more than $770,000 in campaign cash from Wynn in March 2021 for House Republicans’ joint fundraising committee. Since then, McCarthy’s committee has accepted nearly $300,000 in additional campaign donations from Wynn.

REMINDER: Wynn’s stuffed $5,800 into Fitzpatrick’s coffers last March.

REMINDER: Following sexual misconduct allegations Fitzpatrick would not comment or return Wynn’s cash.

Where is the line? If being accused of sexual assault isn’t convincing enough for Fitzpatrick to return campaign cash, is acting on behalf of communist China?

DCCC spokesperson James Singer:

“Fitzpatrick must return Wynn’s already disgraced money or else explain to voters that his campaign is bankrolled by an alleged sexual abuser and agent of the Chinese government.”


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