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Will House Republicans return accused abuser, billionaire Steve Wynn’s disgraced money?

Desperate for cash, House GOP rakes in more than $770,000 from former casino owner accused of sexual misconduct

House Republicans are desperate for cash and turning to billionaire Steve Wynn to stuff their campaign cofferswho was ousted from his namesake casino empire after several female employees accused him of sexual harassment and abuse over multiple decades.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accepted more than $770,000 in campaign cash from Wynn in March for House Republicans’ joint fundraising committee, recent FEC reports reveal. Now, McCarthy’s caucus is being showered with the cash – Wynn‘s contribution stuffed $5,800 each into the coffers of 59 House Republicansincluding GOP Reps. David Valadao, Rep. Don BaconRep. John KatkoRep. Brian FitzpatrickRep. Mike Garcia, Rep. Beth Van DuyneRep. Tony Gonzales, Rep. Young KimRep. Michelle Steel, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Rep. Victoria Spartz, Rep. Ashley Hinson, and Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar.

In 2018, Minority Leader McCarthy rejected accused abuser Steve Wynn’s disgraced campaign cash. Now, McCarthy and his caucus are clinging to alleged sexual predators like Wynn and GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz.

DCCC Spokesperson Chris Taylor:

House Republicans are again clinging to men like disgraced billionaire Steve Wynn to stuff their campaign coffers. Minority Leader McCarthy and every House Republican who took Wynn’s cash should explain to voters why the disgraced casino mogul’s money is suddenly good enough for them in light of the serious allegations of sexual abuse against Wynn.”


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