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Will Hurd Huddle with Trump in San Antonio Today?

President Trump headed to San Antonio to fundraise after Hurd says he’ll support Trump in 2020

After repeatedly voting for President Trump’s agenda in Washington, Congressman Will Hurd said last month that he plans to vote for the President in 2020. With Trump raising money for his campaign in San Antonio today, the question now is whether Hurd will go even further and campaign alongside the President.

No matter how much spin Hurd spews about standing up to his party, one look at his votes for GOP tax scam and his repeated efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act show that Hurd’s true loyalties lie with Washington Republicans and Donald Trump – not with West Texans. Hurd’s allegiance to Trump and his party bosses put him in a tough spot in a district where the President remains unpopular.

“Congressman Will Hurd has spent his entire career saying one thing and doing another, and West Texas voters have had enough,” said DCCC Spokesperson Brooke Goren. “Whether it’s pledging his allegiance to President Trump or voting to raise taxes and health care costs on middle-class families, Hurd has made it clear that he’s just another party-line Republican. Will Hurd should stop with the charades and go all-in by campaigning with President Trump. ”


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