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Will Juan Ciscomani Condemn Wendy Rogers for Her Hateful, Violent Rhetoric?

In AZ-06, Ciscomani stays silent after Wendy Rogers incites violence in speech to white supremacist group

This past week, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers was censured for her disturbing, hateful remarks at white supremecist Nick Fuentes’ America First Political Action Conference. Rogers has refused to apologize for her unhinged rhetoric or denounce Fuentes, saying instead that this was an issue of “free speech.”

Arizona Republicans must let voters know if they believe this kind of violent rhetoric should have a home in the Arizona Republican Party. But 48 hours after the Arizona Senate censured Rogers, and a day after primary rival Kelly Townsend weighed in on the controversy, there have been crickets from Juan Ciscomani on where he stands. Will AZ-06 GOP candidate Juan Ciscomani condemn Rogers’ hate speech, or does he agree with his former boss Gov. Doug Ducey that a white supremacist is “still better than her opponent, (Democrat) Felicia French?” 

The rhetoric from Wendy Rogers was apparently too extreme even for her “close political ally” Kelly Townsend, who called on Rogers to denounce Fuentes despite infamously comparing the life-saving COVID-19 vaccine to Nazi Germany and coming under fire for her other inflammatory remarks.

“Arizona voters deserve to know whether or not Juan Ciscomani has the spine to condemn Wendy Rogers,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “The fact that this rhetoric has found its home in the Arizona Republican Party is deeply disturbing, and it’s one reason why voters will reject them at the ballot box in November.”


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