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Will Katko Insist His Washington Republican Campaign Arm Reject Stolen Materials From Foreign Nations?

With Vladimir Putin Planning to Attack Our Elections Again & Washington Republicans Blocking New Laws to Protect Our Elections from Foreign Interference, Congressman Katko Must Call on His Colleagues to Publicly Reject Putin’s Help

Yesterday, we AGAIN called on John Katko to publicly pledge to reject any hacked, stolen, or materials from the Kremlin and other foreign nations after President Trump formalized his willingness to illegally “take” information about his political opponents from foreign governments.

And while we’re glad he’s finally spoken up and agreed to follow the law to protect democracy, the campaign organization he leads, the National Republican Congressional Committee, has so far REFUSED to do so.

Will John Katko, Chair of the NRCC’s Patriot Program for the party’s most vulnerable Members, call out Tom Emmer and National Republicans on their refusal to secure our elections?

“After facing public pressure, Congressman John Katko finally agreed to reject any hacked, stolen, or foreign materials from dangerous actors like Russia, but his campaign organization has refused to do so,” said DCCC Spokesperson Christine Bennett. “Bad actors have attacked our elections in the past, and it’s clear they will try to do it again. If Congressman Katko is serious about stopping Vladimir Putin, he needs to publicly call on Tom Emmer and National Republicans to reject the use of stolen and foreign materials in their campaigns.”


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