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Woodhouse vs Woodhouse vs Woodhouse

On Dec 10th, Woodhouse: “If it rises to a level that the evidence shows there needs to be a new election, we of course will not oppose that at all.”

It’s not your fault if you can’t keep track of where North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse stands on the clear case of election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, apparently he can’t either. After a month of saying there should be a new election if there was fraud (which there obviously was), now Woodhouse is calling for the immediate certification of the Ninth District race – a full 180 degree flip-flop from what he has said previously.

In an effort to keep track of everything, we took a minute to reflect on the many positions Dallas Woodhouse has held over the last month and ask the big question: why is Dallas Woodhouse suddenly ignoring the very clear evidence of election fraud?


December 2nd: Dallas Woodhouse: “The overt partisan nature of the leader of the elections board destroyed any confidence that people in the 9th Congressional District and many people across the state have in the elections apparatus. […] We are not, right now, in a battle to see who is going to represent the 9th Congressional District. Mark Harris is going to represent the 9th Congressional District ‘cause he got more votes. […] (audio frozen)…because somebody, somewhere may have done something bad then we’ll never have another election, we’ll never elect another person.”

But then something happened…

December 6th: Dallas Woodhouse says he “threw up.” “I was very ill… I mean, this has shaken us to the core. We are as horrified by this as anybody.”

December 6th: Dallas Woodhouse: “If what you reported is correct, there has to be a new election.”

Headline: CNN: “North Carolina GOP director open to new election in disputed House race”

Headline: Politico: “North Carolina GOP ‘fully’ supports new election if inquiry shows fraud”

December 9th: Dallas Woodhouse: “I’m horrified… if these mercenaries destroyed anybody’s votes, stole anybody’s votes. And by the way, these people need to serve until the second Pence administration in a federal prison, likely for civil rights violations.”

December 10th: Dallas Woodhouse: “[allegations] it’s revolting and disgusting…”

December 10th: Dallas Woodhouse: “If it rises to a level that the evidence shows there needs to be a new election, we of course will not oppose that at all.”

Headline: Charlotte Observer: “NC GOP ‘pretty certain’ vote totals leaked in Bladen County and would back new election”

December 11th: Charlotte Observer: “‘We are pretty certain that [vote totals leaked] happened. And if it is confirmed, a new election is appropriate,’ said Dallas Woodhouse, the party’s executive director, in a late afternoon press conference. ‘It is key because it tells you what the electorate is looking like, what the turnout is looking like. If that information was leaked out, it clearly is a competitive advantage.’”

December 11th: WRAL: “The latest straw seemed to be word that Bladen County ran its early voting totals earlier than allowed by state law and the suggestion that results were leaked to unknown parties before they should have been public. North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said Tuesday that GOP officials ‘feel pretty sure’ it happened. Woodhouse didn’t elaborate in an afternoon press conference in Charlotte, but he and party Chairman Robin Hayes both said that, if it did, that’s enough to throw the election results in doubt and require a new election.”

Headline: WRAL: “Calls mount for new election in NC’s 9th District”

December 17th: WRAL: “‘The committee felt strongly it was a gross abuse of process to prevent the 9th from having a member in the new Congress without one piece of measurable public evidence presented before Jan. 3,’ North Carolina Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse said in a text Monday.”

December 17th: WRAL: “The call brings GOP leadership full circle in some ways: After initially calling for the board to certify Mark Harris’ victory in the race, the state party’s executive director last week all but called for a new election.”

And now…

December 27th: Dallas Woodhouse: “@DallasWoodhouse @NCGOP “it is clear @NCDemParty is running out of options in their quest to throw out 280,000 legal votes, the majority of which went for @MarkHarrisNC9 The court stopped this unending quest by democrat partisans on @NCSBE to overrule the will of the voters”

December 27th: Dallas Woodhouse: There will be no “Perry Mason” Moment that tells us much of anything at the hearing. Folks will feel the same way when they “walk out” as they did when they walked in. Mostly this will be about ballot mishandling which hardly backs calls for a new election @NCGOP”December 27th: Dallas Woodhouse: “A federal court can and should issue an order requiring certification because the state has failed to act and acted in bad faith.  Then we fight it out in D.C.”

December 28th: Dallas Woodhouse: “I can confirm that @MarkHarrisNC9 is in the process of asking @NCSBE to certify him the winner before noon today. @ncgop @ChairmanHayes in full support of this motion that will be filed in the next 30 minutes.”

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