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WRAL Editorial: “Voters shouldn’t back candidates who are election deniers”

North Carolinians warned against voting for candidates like Bo Hines (NC-13)

The WRAL editorial board today warned North Carolina voters not to “back candidates who are election deniers” – and when it comes to Bo Hines in NC-13, the alarm bells couldn’t be louder.

Hines has spread false conspiracy theories about the 2020 election results in North Carolina, saying that he believes the presidential election was stolen. He also promoted a debunked movie by Dinesh D’Souza that alleges ballot fraud, and recently refused to say if he would accept the election results come November.

The WRAL editorial board states, “Loyalty to a political party or to a politician should NEVER override honesty, integrity and the rule of law.” We agree – and North Carolinians will have plenty to worry about when it comes to election denier Bo Hines.

“To Bo Hines, democracy, law, and order are merely suggestions to be thrown away if they get in between him and his political ambitions,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “North Carolinians deserve better than an election denier who would throw their vote away if he had the chance.”


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