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Yvette Herrell Votes Against Protecting Abortion Access, Again

Yvette Herrell just voted to help the GOP advance their plan for a nationwide abortion ban.

House Democrats again passed legislation to protect the right to make personal reproductive health care decisions as Republicans threaten to pass a nationwide abortion ban if they take the majority. To no surprise Yvette Herrell voted against legislation that would protect access to safe, legal abortion.

  • The Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022 would protect a woman’s right to access abortion and is similar to the legislation House Democrats passed last year that remains stalled in the Senate. Not a single Republican voted for the WHPA and or to protect Roe in 2021 – and they didn’t again today, even after seeing the devastating effects of the SCOTUS’ decision to rip away reproductive freedom.

  • The Ensuring Access to Abortion Act would safeguard a woman’s right to travel to another state to receive an abortion, if their state bans the medical procedure. This bill would stop states from putting a bounty on the heads of women, families and doctors who assist in obtaining the abortion.

DCCC spokesperson Maddy Mundy: 
“Yvette Herrell may not want to talk about her crusade to ban abortion nationwide, but her vote today is further proof of her sinister agenda to rip away our rights.”


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