Cresent Hardy & Ruben Kihuen

Nevada’s 4th (NV - 04)

Updated: October 30, 2016


For months, Cresent Hardy supported Donald Trump and his anti-women agenda “100%.” But now that Trump is tanking, Hardy is denouncing Trump because he only cares about his own re-election. Ruben Kihuen consistently supported issues that are important to women.

Proof Points

Hardy may now say that he no longer supports Donald Trump, but when Trump spent months calling women “bimbos,” “dogs,” “disgusting,” and “fat pigs” and said that women who seek an abortion should be punished, Hardy said he supported Trump “100 percent.” He has denounced Trump now because he only cares about his own re-election. (BACKUP)

Kihuen sponsored legislation in Nevada to crack down on employers knowingly paying women less than men, and he believes that reproductive health decisions should be made by women and their doctors and not politicians in Washington. (BACKUP)

But, like Trump, Hardy opposes equal pay for equal work and wants to defund Planned Parenthood, taking away healthcare from thousands of Nevada women.  (BACKUP)

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