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100 Days Without Roe, Mayra Flores Wants to Make it Worse

It has been 100 days since the Republican-appointed Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively ending 50 years of reproductive freedom as we knew it. Since then, countless horror stories have surfaced: a 10-year-old rape victim forced to flee her state to get health care, women who experience miscarriages and people with auto-immune diseases unable to access vital medication, women told they’d have to give birth to a non-viable fetus, and more.

Despite the cruel stories and the widespread backlash at the ballot boxHouse Republicans and Mayra Flores have doubled down on their war on women with continued promises to pass a nationwide abortion ban.

  • Flores supports Texas’s near-total abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest. That ban has also put doctors in a devastating position of being unsure if they can provide life-saving care to a woman whose pregnancy is putting her life in jeopardy.

  • Flores said “The worst violence is killing a baby in her mother’s womb.”

  • Flores has backed the Republicans’ “Commitment to America” which prioritizes “protect[ing] the lives of the unborn,” as Republican leaders promise a nationwide abortion ban.

  • Flores cosponsored a national abortion ban introduced in September.

  • Flores voted against the Right to Contraception Act, to enshrine women’s  and families’ right to access contraception into federal law.

  • Flores voted against the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act, which would safegaurd a woman’s right to travel to another state to receive an abortion if their state bans the medical procedure. This bill would stop states from putting a bounty on the heads of women, families and doctors who assist in obtaining an abortion.

  • The Republican Study Committee – which represents nearly 75% of the House Republican Conference – doubled down on calls to “end abortion” nationwide in their newly released agenda.

DCCC Spokesperson Monica Robinson:
“Millions of women have gone 100 days without the freedom to make their own health care decisions because Republicans like Mayra Flores want to outlaw abortion. Texans will reject Flores and her toxic agenda in November because they want their freedoms restored – not taken away further by extreme Republicans.”


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