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Democrats Vow to Protect DACA Recipients and Hardworking Immigrant Families on DACA’s 5th Anniversary

With the countless heartbreaking stories of hardworking immigrant families being torn apart, Republican Rep. Mike Coffman’s silence is not going unnoticed

Five years ago, President Obama signed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) into effect — a program that gave young immigrant children (DREAMers) a chance to come out of the shadows, temporary deportation relief, and the opportunity to apply for renewable 2-year work permits. More than 790,000 DREAMers have benefited from DACA, allowing them to give back to the only county they know and love and to enter America’s workforce. Studies have found that ending DACA would cut approximately $433.4 billion from the U.S. GDP over ten years.

President Trump’s Administration and House Republicans have established a cruel mass deportation force that contradicts their promise to only go after those seeking to harm our communities. And despite all the countless heartbreaking local stories of DREAMers and law-abiding immigrants being deported, Colorado Representative Mike Coffman’s record speaks loud and clear.

  • When Mike Coffman was recently asked if he supported President Trump’s harsh stances on immigration – stances that have resulted in the deportation of thousands of law-abiding immigrants – he shamelessly agreed with Trump’s cruelty.
  • Coffman has voted to deport innocent DREAMers.
  • Coffman voted to DEFUND DACA.
  • Coffman voted against the DREAM Act and called it a nightmare.

“At a time when we know that no immigrant is safe under the Republican mass deportation force, it is shameful and disturbing that Representative Coffman just recently applauded President Trump’s harsh immigration policies, which only put Colorado’s immigrant communities at risk,” said Javier Gamboa of the DCCC. “Now more than ever, Democrats stand with the brave DREAMers, our immigrant brothers and sisters, and vow to protect DACA and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Republicans have shown time and time again their unwillingness to fix our broken immigration system.”


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