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Adkins Ad Highlights JoCo Sheriff Using Taxpayer Money to Investigate “Baseless” Election Conspiracies

Amanda Adkins released her first TV ad of the 2022 cycle today – and she wasted no time proving her far-right, extremist credentials.

The ad featured Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden, who recently revealed he is still using taxpayer dollars to investigate baseless election conspiracy claims, despite there being “no evidence of widespread voter fraud anywhere in Kansas.”

The Shawnee Mission Post reported that Hayden has produced no evidence to support his claims of fraud and “rebuffed requests to produce records related to his office’s work on the matter,” even as he continues to use taxpayer resources to conduct the sham investigation.

Adkins, who was endorsed by Hayden during her failed 2020 campaign, has refused to acknowledge the results of the 2020 presidential election or condemn dangerous election conspiracies and misinformation, as well as the deadly January 6 insurrection they inspired.

DCCC Spokesperson Johanna Warshaw
“Instead of joining people on both sides of the aisle in rebuking Sheriff Hayden’s baseless, taxpayer-funded investigation, Amanda Adkins is putting his radical views front and center of her campaign. With this ad, Adkins is sending a clear message to voters that she stands with extreme MAGA Republicans, not Kansas.”


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