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After Failing Americans With ‘Default on America Act,’ Republican Study Committee Hides Extreme Budget Blueprint

Conservative firebrands punt on delivering deeply unpopular budget plan to the American public

The Republican Study Committee (RSC) – which makes up nearly 80 percent of the House Republican Conference – continues to hide their budget proposal from the American people.

Last month, the Chair of the group let slip that their plan would make cuts to Social Security and Medicare, increase health care premiums, and raise the retirement age. During the ongoing discussions surrounding the GOP-manufactured default, the RSC proposed putting Medicaid expansion and Affordable Care Act premium subsidies on the chopping block.

But now that Republicans know just how deeply unpopular their extreme cuts to programs Americans depend on are, they’re attempting to hide their efforts from voters.

DCCC spokesperson Viet Shelton:
“After failing constituents with their vote on the Default on America Act – which would slash benefits for our nation’s veterans and push our economy closer toward a job-killing recession – vulnerable House Republicans are hiding their extreme budget blueprint because they know just how out of touch it is with the values and beliefs of everyday Americans.”

REMINDER: This isn’t the first time the RSC has been caught floating unpopular proposals that would hurt everyday families. The RSC’s 2023 budget wish-list included raising the eligibility age for Social Security recipients, blocking prescription drug pricing reforms, expanding gun ownership, and banning abortion nationwide.

Several vulnerable House Republicans that the DCCC has named to its Districts in Play list – including Reps. Mike Garcia, Kevin Kiley, Lauren Boebert, Anna Paulina Luna, Zach Nunn, John James, Ryan Zinke, Don Bacon, Nick LaLota, Brandon Williams, and Monica De La Cruz – are members of the Republican Study Committee.


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