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Allen West Breaks GOP Hearts, Won’t Run for Congress in TX-32

As former Congressman Pete Sessions mulls a comeback bid and Dallas County Republicans trash him, the GOP loses another potential candidate

For Republicans in North Texas, running for Congress in Texas’ 32nd congressional district is a lot like the dog food the dog just won’t eat.

Not even Allen West wants to do it.

Truth is, Dallas County Republicans are terrified of washed-up former Congressman Pete Sessions launching another doomed bid for Congress – which means they’re in a mad dash to find candidates not named “Pete Sessions.”

As 2018’s biggest loser, Sessions’ fellow Republicans have engaged in a months-long public trashing of the former congressman and instead have launched a recruitment effort for potential candidates, even as Sessions gears up for a 2020 re-match.

In walked Allen West. Always one for a publicity stunt, West began a conservative media tour where he floated his possible congressional candidacy while promoting his latest book.

And Washington Republicans bought it hook, line and sinker.

Seeking to lift up a potential Allen West candidacy, the NRCC even went so far as to publicly defend him after a DCCC press release described West as a “certified wacko” – the same Allen West who once called Social Security “21st century slavery” and claimed he had a higher security clearance than the President of the United States.

They got played. Now West is out and a dreaded Pete Sessions candidacy still looms.

On election night in 2018, Dallas County Republicans vowed revenge. So far, they’re all hat and no cattle.

“The lengths Republicans will go to avoid having Pete Sessions run for Congress again can’t be overstated, which is why they flirted with a disgraced and scandal-ridden conspiracy theorist who was forced out of the military if it meant him serving as their sacrificial lamb in 2020,” DCCC Spokesperson Avery Jaffe said.


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