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Coffman’s Record Paved the Way to Dismantle DAPA

Rep. Mike Coffman and President Trump have the same agenda when it comes to tearing apart immigrant families. The Trump administration last night announced its decision to rescind DAPA – President Obama’s program to protect undocumented parents of lawful U.S. residents and citizens.

Just last year, Rep. Coffman joined House Republicans in voting for an anti-immigrant resolution against DAPA and in 2015, he voted to defund the program, paving the way to tear apart immigrant families in Colorado.

“Rep. Coffman’s anti-immigrant record speaks volumes,” said DCCC spokeswoman, Rachel Irwin. “He is aligned with President Trump’s position, having gone out of his way to block DAPA and tear apart immigrant parents and their children. His constituents will remember where Mike Coffman stands when it really counts, and it’s against protecting Colorado families.”


  • When Mike Coffman was recently askedif he supported President Trump’s harsh stances on immigration – stances that have resulted in the deportation of thousands of law-abiding immigrants – he shamelessly agreed with Trump’s cruelty.
  • Coffman has voted to deport innocent DREAMers.
  • Coffman voted to defund DACA.
  • Coffman voted against the DREAM Act and called it a nightmare.

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