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What Do Cresent Hardy and Cliven Bundy Have in Common? Not Paying Taxes.

Today, the Las Vegas Sun exposed Congressman Hardy’s long history of failed businesses and huge unpaid tax bills and debt (more than $5.3 million). Hardy even bought himself a big old golf course but couldn’t repay the loans and was forced to sell it off just to pay down his debt. And this is all in addition to his 2012 bankruptcy. Hardy’s long history of not paying his taxes provides a pungent reminder of how much he and his old buddy Cliven Bundy have in common.

“Congressman Hardy recently characterized people with disabilities as a drain on society – an attack that he has still refused to apologize for,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “Just as callously, he’s also described immigrants who stay in the country longer than he’d like and elderly people as drains on society. Now we find out that Hardy doesn’t even pay his own taxes. It’s pretty clear that he needs to take a long look in the mirror.”

Hardy has already been spotlighted as the most likely Congressmember to lose their seat this cycle. This dubious distinction is largely because of his penchant for making disparaging comments about “the 47%,” the Employee Non Discrimination Act, welfare recipients, and most recently, disabled children. Oh, and Cresent Hardy doesn’t just think disabled children are a drain on society. He also thinks elderly people and immigrants who stay longer than three months are drains on society. It’s clear that Cliven Bundy isn’t the only person regularly offending and embarrassing Nevadans.

Ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee launched a targeted digital ad campaign calling on Hardy to ‘Declare his Independence’ from controversial rancher Cliven Bundy. Nevadans already know that Hardy and Bundy are two peas in a pod:

  • Hardy continued to support Bundy’s armed standoff months after it happened.
  • Bundy asserted that “the Negro” may have been better off during slavery.
  • Hardy stood by his friend after Bundy’s abhorrent racist rant.
  • Hardy grew up with Bundy and said he was in touch with him even after the standoff.
  • Hardy said he had been meeting with Bundy for years before standoff.
  • Hardy said the Federalist Papers are part of the Constitution, and they gave Bundy the authority not to follow laws. The Federalist Papers are not part of the Constitution.


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