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Kean Jr’s Silence on Endorser McCarthy

Kean continues to hide from New Jersey voters

Tom Kean Jr. is famous for hiding from voters and the press. His 2022 campaign is no different.

As his lead endorser who he kicked his campaign off with, Kevin McCarthy, was caught lying to the American people and fellow Republicans – Kean is still silent.

This follows a pattern:

  • Kean refused multiple times to say January 6th was not “legitimate political discourse.”

  • Kean refused to say anything after Trump called Vladimir Putin a “genius” and “smart

  • Kean has been called out in the press for dodging any rebuke of the “GOP authoritarian extremism”

  • Kean has said nothing of Republicans’ plans to repeal pre-existing condition protections, sunset Social Security & Medicare, and raise New Jerseyans’ taxes

James Singer, DCCC Spokesperson
“Tom Kean Jr. thinks he can hide from New Jersey voters, but he’s wrong. His silence speaks louder than whatever subpar talking points his high-priced consultants have drafted for him.”


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