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KEY VOTE ALERT: Vulnerable Budget Committee Republicans vote for reckless GOP repeal bill

Vulnerable Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart, John Faso, Jason Lewis, and Lloyd Smucker just voted for the reckless Republican health care repeal bill as members of the House Budget Committee. The bill has garnered widespread opposition from groups across the ideological spectrum, including AARP, the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Republican repeal bill would take health insurance away from 24 million Americans by 2026 and 14 million Americans as soon as next year, all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and health insurance CEOs.

DCCC spokesperson Tyler Law released the following statement:

“The only thing Speaker Ryan has succeeded at is getting more vulnerable House Republicans on the record in favor of a health care bill that imposes an unfair age tax on older Americans, jacks up health insurance premiums, and rips away coverage from millions so that they can cut taxes for millionaires and health insurance CEOs. This is a boardroom bailout that makes health care more expensive and less accessible for Americans and House Republicans own this debacle until Election Day.”

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