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KEY VOTE ALERT: Washington Republicans Vote To Cut Health Benefits For 64 Million Who Rely On Medicaid

Today, Washington Republicans voted in support of President Trump’s proposed rule to allow states to turn Medicaid into block grants, a move likely to limit coverage and cut medical access for 64 million Americans who get their health coverage through Medicaid.

The vote continues Washington Republicans’ relentless assault on working families’ health care. Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans are continuing to block bipartisan House-passed legislation to lower prescription drug costs, supported a lawsuit to repeal protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and failed to take action as Trump proposed cutting Medicare.

“Washington Republicans’ vote to gut Medicaid is irresponsible, dangerous, and just the latest in the longstanding assault Republicans have launched on Americans health care,” said DCCC Spokesperson Robyn Patterson. “Over the past year, voters have watched Republicans vote in support of a lawsuit to rip away protections for pre-existing conditions, vote against lowering prescription drug costs, and refuse to challenge Trump’s proposed Medicare cuts, all while special interests reap record profits. With this Washington record following them everywhere, Republicans will have to answer in November why they’ve worked so hard to stand with Washington special interests and take away their voters’ health care.”

In January of 2019, House Republicans voted against the House of Representatives defending the federal health law protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions. In April and June, they voted to continue to allow federal funds to be used to attack the Affordable Care Act.

In December, House Republicans voted against H.R. 3, legislation that the non-partisan CBO reported the bill would save at least $480 billion for the American people and save a family of four approximately $1,920 per year.

The rising cost of health care is the top issue for voters heading into November, and polls show voters overwhelmingly trust Democrats over Trump to protect their health care.

That is increasingly a problem for Washington Republicans whose record of attacking working families health care grows every week.

Last week, the DCCC launched a seven-figure national ad buy to highlight Washington Republicans siding with Mitch McConnell and special interests to block legislation that would lower health care costs – the number one issue for more than half of voters.

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