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McCormick Melting Down in GA-07

In just two weeks: McCormick has doubled down on the FDA-revoked hydroxychloroquine drug, repeatedly refused to condemn a racist bigot and is still attacking his GOP primary foe

It’s been two weeks since Rich McCormick was declared the Republican standard-bearer in Georgia’s toss-up 7th Congressional District where the GOP’s brand is “in free fall,” and things have gone from bad to worse.

First, McCormick kicked off his general election campaign by doubling down on his support for the dangerous drug hydroxychloroquine.

On the same day the FDA revoked the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus, McCormick’s campaign defended his recommendation and told the Atlanta Journal Constitution his medical advice should not be questioned.

Then, McCormick twisted himself into knots to stay silent and avoid criticizing a fellow Georgia Republican espousing racist, bigoted and conspiratorial views – even after Republicans and Democrats condemned her.

The DCCC called on McCormick to condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene on June 12. Even after Washington Republicans finally broke their silence on June 17, McCormick refused to say a negative word about Greene. Only after a new DCCC ad dubbed him “Silent Rich” did McCormick respond – and oh how he did.

In a statement, McCormick shockingly claimed “both parties” were somehow to blame for the racism of a QAnon and Klan-linked Georgia Republican, once again refusing to condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene or even say her name.

Finally, McCormick was accused of anti-Semitism by his “chief rival” from the Republican primary, who is Jewish, and responded by attacking her in the press and dredging up her 2004 divorce.

Reminder: the primary ended more than two weeks ago.

All the while, McCormick’s well-documented history of snowflake-like sensitivity on social media has been on full display.

After McCormick blocked a Republican opponent in the primary, he’s taken to Twitter to defend his record of pushing snake oil and record a selfie tantrum over his refusal to condemn fellow Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene’s racist bigotry and conspiracy theories.


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