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Meet QAnon’s Other Candidate in Georgia: Rich McCormick

GOP nominee in toss-up GA-07 repeatedly appeared on a popular QAnon media outlet, claimed Soros and ActBlue fund Black Lives Matter protests and refuses to condemn a bigoted QAnon believer rebuked by his own party

After a QAnon believer unseated a sitting Republican congressman, attention is shifting to the other QAnon-linked candidates infecting the Republican Party nationwide.

One of them is Rich McCormick, the Republican nominee in Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, a toss-up open seat in the Atlanta suburbs where the GOP brand is in “free fall.”

McCormick has repeatedly appeared on “Patriots’ Soapbox News Network,” which NBC News describes as “a round-the-clock livestreamed YouTube channel for Qanon study and discussion”

As the GOP nominee, McCormick appeared on its June 19 program and parroted the racist and anti-Semitic false claim made by far-right groups like QAnon that George Soros and ActBlue were funding protests against President Trump in order to defeat him in November – and sat silent as a host compared Democrats to Nazis.

McCormick: “And ironically now the Democrats are using a platform that is stale and divisive are trying to basically buy votes. And if you look at what Soros did, I just heard today – and I don’t want to get conspiracy [sic] on you or anything like that, but — $20 million was donated to Black Lives Matter, basically through ActBlue. Basically, as a way to incite more violence and unrest to get people to vote the wrong way based on the narrative that we know is false.” (VIDEO)

McCormick has also appeared in Punisher-themed clothing, a popular symbol among QAnon believers.

Perhaps most damning of all is McCormick’s continued silence when it comes to bigoted QAnon conspiracist Marjorie Taylor Greene, another Georgia Republican congressional candidate whose views were so vile they caused Washington Republicans to break their silence and condemn Greene.

But not McCormick. The DCCC recently launched “Silent Rich,” a YouTube ad highlighting McCormick’s continued silence on Greene targeted to Black voters and white college-educated women across GA-07.

Despite that fact, McCormick has consistently refused to disavow Greene or even say her name. Maybe that’s because he believes in the conspiracy, too.

In addition to his concerning QAnon links, McCormick repeatedly downplayed the severity of coronavirus, used the racist “Chinese Virus” termconsistently praised Gov. Kemp’s hasty reopening of Georgia, hawked the dangerous FDA-revoked hydroxychloroquine drug – and then doubled down on it, declaring his medical advice should not be questioned.

DCCC Spokesman Avery Jaffe issued the following statement:

“Silent Rich hasn’t had much to say lately so we’ll keep this brief: Does he believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory? And if he doesn’t, will he say out loud that it’s bogus?”


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