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Mike Coffman Must Act to Pass the DREAM Act  


For years, Rep. Mike Coffman has been a part of the House Republican gridlock that blocked comprehensive immigration reform and he’s used political gimmicks and empty promises to score political points ahead of his re-election battles. In that time, the only thing Rep. Coffman’s grandstanding has accomplished is laying the groundwork for President Trump’s heartless agenda to punish young immigrants who came to this country through no fault of their own.

DCCC spokesman and proud DREAMer Javier Gamboa released the following statement calling on Rep. Coffman to take action on the DREAM Act, a bipartisan plan to permanently protect young immigrants, instead of siding with President Trump to set another arbitrary deadline that leaves too many Coloradans in limbo:

“If Rep. Coffman is serious about getting Congress to act, he will urge his colleagues to vote for the DREAM Act to ensure a permanent fix to protect young immigrants in Colorado and across the country. Anything less proves what we already know: Coffman’s immigration record serves his own political ends, not his constituents.”


Reminder: Coffman’s Record Anti-Immigration Record Paved the Way for Trump’s DACA Policy:

  • Coffman has votedto deport innocent DREAMers.
  • Coffman votedto defund DACA.
  • Coffman votedagainst the DREAM Act and called it a nightmare.
  • When Coffmanwas recently asked if he supported President Trump’s harsh stances on immigration – stances that have resulted in the deportation of thousands of law-abiding immigrants – he shamelessly agreed with Trump’s cruelty.
  • Coffman fought for English-only ballots, saying that minority language voters should “pull out a dictionary.”
  • State Representative Joe Salazar declared: “Mike Coffman paved the way for anti-Immigrant Donald Trump.”
  • State Senator Jesse Ulibarri took Coffman to task, writing a piecefor the Denver Post about why “Mike Coffman is no friend to immigrants.”
  • A story in The Colorado Independent outlined why “Latino Dems blame Mike Coffman for Trump’s rise.

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