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NRCC Defends Allegations of Domestic Violence from Endorsed Candidate Dan Rodimer

NRCC Defense Comes After DCCC Chairwoman Called on Minority Leader McCarthy, NRCC to Disavow Rodimer

Following Allegations, Trump Campaign Announces Rodimer to Headline Nevada Campaign Kickoff

This week, the AP first reported on multiple 911 calls including audio from 2018, revealing that Dan Rodimer was reported to the Las Vegas Police for accusations of domestic violence and grand theft to the total of $200,000 in stolen goods. His then-girlfriend told police that Rodimer had broken into their home and stolen $20,000 in cash, jewelry, and multiple firearms

Following the news, DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos immediately called on Minority Leader McCarthy and the NRCC to disavow their support of Rodimer. She then repeated that call yesterday.

Following AP’s reporting on Rodimer’s most recent brush with the law, the NRCC and the Trump Campaign doubled down on Rodimer’s candidacy. After the news broke, the Trump campaign announced that Rodimer would be taking part in a ‘campaign kickoff’ in Nevada this Saturday. And later that day, the NRCC doubled-down tweeting out a link of support to donate to his campaign.

And last night, 72 hours after the story broke, the NRCC downplayed these 911 calls to a CBS reporter, calling them “private moments.”

Rodimer’s most recent run-ins with law enforcement from 2018 are certainly not his first. From 2006 to 2013, Rodimer had four incidents involving violence or domestic disturbance, including a 2006 call for a domestic disturbance with a then-girlfriend and three police reports from 2010 to 2013 involving assault and battery. The first assault and battery case in 2010 resulted in the then 32-year old Rodimer to plead guilty to charges of battery. Rodimer’s attack in a Florida Waffle House left his victim with “intracranial bleeding,” and in need of serious medical care.

For the NRCC to continue to not only support but defend Rodimer and his actions by publicly downplaying police reports detailing serious allegations of domestic violence and grand theft, shows just how low they will stoop to not acknowledge their failure to recruit candidates of character and quality worthy of public office.

Statement from DCCC Spokesperson Andy Orellana:

“911 calls alleging domestic violence should always be taken seriously – but when it comes to one of their endorsed candidates, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Tom Emmer would rather sweep domestic violence under the rug. Dan Rodimer’s violent and criminal past makes him unfit to serve in Congress. House Republicans who have lined up behind Rodimer, including Minority Leader McCarthy and the NRCC, have a responsibility to cut ties with their candidate.”


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