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POLL: Wiley Nickel Leads Bo Hines by 2 Points in NC-13

New DCCC poll shows Democrat Wiley Nickel leads Republican Bo Hines by 2 points

A new DCCC poll in NC-13 conducted after the primary shows Democratic candidate Wiley Nickel leading Republican Bo Hines by 2 points in the most competitive battleground district in North Carolina.

As first reported by CBS 17, Bo Hines is underwater by 10 points – only 27% of voters view Hines favorably, with 37% viewing him unfavorably. By contrast, state senator and criminal defense attorney Wiley Nickel has a 15-point favorability advantage, with only 9% of voters rating him unfavorably.

The poll makes clear that voters are rejecting the toxic politics of Bo Hines and his MAGA Republican agenda, and are eager for a public servant like Wiley Nickel to represent them in Congress.

“North Carolinians have gotten to know Bo Hines, and they don’t like what they see,” said DCCC spokesperson Monica Robinson. “Hines’ extremism and shameless political opportunism have disqualified him in the eyes of voters, and this November they will elect Wiley Nickel to fight for working families in Washington.”


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