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Post-Debate DCCC Poll: Murphy Leads Mica By Two Points

Independent voters overwhelmingly turned off by Mica’s support for Trump

A new DCCC poll released today shows Democrat Stephanie Murphy leading 23-year incumbent Republican John Mica (45-43%) in the race for Florida’s 7th Congressional District. As with previous polls, the new poll shows Murphy’s support growing as voters learn about her. Notably, the poll was fielded Monday, October 10, after not only the latest Trump revelations, but Sunday night’s presidential debate.

Key Points:

  • Mica’s support for Trump is a major liability with all voters, especially Independents. When asked, half (51%) of voters say they are less likely to support Mica due to his support of Trump, and that number rises to 62% among Independents. Just Monday, the day the poll was fielded, Mica reiterated that he fully backs Trump, even after the sexual assault revelations.
  • As voters get to know Stephanie Murphy, her support continues to grow. After being on the air telling her uniquely powerful story, Murphy’s name ID continues to grow – she is currently known to 50% of the electorate, up 16 points from previous polling, and voters have a strongly positive view of her.
  • Clinton has a commanding lead over Trump in Florida’s 7th. In the presidential contest, Clinton holds an 11-point lead over Donald Trump in the district (47% to 36%). This creates a strong national atmosphere for Murphy, considering that 50% of voters who are still undecided in the Congressional race plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race, compared to just 15% who plan to vote for Donald Trump.

“Congressman Mica is so out of touch that he continues to enthusiastically support Donald Trump, even after it came to light that Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. Trump has proven time and again that he is unfit to be president, yet Mica has consistently backed him to be Commander-in-Chief. It is clear that Mica’s willingness to put his Republican Party over our country is hurting his standing with voters in this competitive, swing district,” said Christie Stephenson of the DCCC.

Read the poll memo here.


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