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Questions Will Hurd Needs to Answer on Growing Clint Scandal in TX-23

A shocking new NYT/El Paso Times report contradicted Hurd’s account of what happened at the Clint detention facility in his district

 Amid the growing scandal at the Clint child detention facility in Will Hurd’s district, we’ve got some questions for the Congressman.

It was in Hurd’s district that New York Times and El Paso Times journalists uncovered shocking new details on the horrific conditions migrant children faced inside the Clint detention facility conditions Hurd himself denied after touring the facility and did nothing about.

But prior to the report, Hurd denied the horrific conditions, disputing reports of unsanitary facilities and saying he’s seen no mistreatment.

“Hurd disputes allegations made from lawyers describing unsanitary conditions and said he’s seen no mistreatment. ‘My understanding is that the lawyers did not see the facilities the way the media was able to see it,’ Hurd said.”

Here are the questions Congressman Hurd needs to answer:

  • Why does the New York Times/El Paso Times report on the conditions at Clint contradict your account?
  • You said you are going to vote to re-elect Donald Trump, do you agree with him that these reports are “fake news?”
  • Prior to the initial AP report on the shocking conditions at Clint, when was the last time you toured the Clint child detention facility in your district?
  • After touring the Clint facility, why did you deny what Border Patrol agents themselves told local and national reporters?
  • Were you or your office ever contacted by the Clint Border Patrol agents who say they tried to elevate their concerns about unhealthy conditions with their supervisors?
  • What contact did you have with the Border Patrol leadership that is now denying mistreatment of migrant youth at Clint?
  • Did you ever send any letters to CPB or HHS leadership to find out more about the conditions at Clint?


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