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North Carolina’s 1st (NC - 01)

Updated: September 2, 2022


Sandy Smith is unfit to be in Congress and supports policies that are bad for eastern North Carolinians.


Voters in the Raleigh and Greenville markets need to see broadcast TV, voters district-wide need to see digital ads, and OTT subscribers need to see ads that show that Sandy Smith is unfit to be in Congress: 

  • Both of Sandy Smith’s ex-husbands and her teenage daughter say that Smith physically abused them.
  • Smith allegedly tried to run her first ex-husband over with a car.
  • Smith’s second ex-husband filed a restraining order against her after she allegedly beat him with an alarm clock because he intervened when he saw Smith dragging her daughter by the hair across their home.
  • In seeking a protective order, Sandy Smith’s daughter detailed a pattern of alleged abuse and multiple home visits by law enforcement and social services, culminating in an incident where she was taken to the emergency room after Smith assaulted her.

Younger voters, Black voters, and college women need to see a digital program for the last nine weeks before the election and mail that:

  • Sandy Smith supports an outright ban on abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother and that Don Davis opposes Sandy Smith’s efforts to ban abortion and will fight to support North Carolina women’s access to safe and legal abortion.


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