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RATINGS CHANGE: TX-21 a ‘Toss Up’ Amid Wendy Davis’ Strength, Chip Roy’s Woes

After Davis hauls in $1.4 million with 82% Texas donors, the Cook Political Report shifts the Austin-Hill Country-San Antonio seat away from Roy

It just keeps getting better for Wendy Davis and worse for Congressman Chip Roy.

Today, the Cook Political Report shifted their rating of Texas’ 21st Congressional District to “toss up.”

“This fast-growing I-35 corridor district voted for Trump by ten points in 2016, but sports the third highest share of college graduates of any GOP-held seat in the nation and is moving rapidly away from Republicans.”

This major shift reflects the strength of Wendy Davis’ Texas-powered campaign that is running to win and capitalizing on every gaffe, ill-fated stunt and truly idiotic statement made by the walking political disaster that is Congressman Charles Eugene Roy, a freshman who only won his seat by 2.6 percent in 2018.

In Q2, Davis once again outraised Roy with a Texan-heavy Q2 haul of $1.4 million to Roy’s $544,000, just as she did last quarter. And the quarter before that. And the quarter before that, too. Davis also now has more than double Roy’s cash on hand: $2.9 million to $1.2 million, leading Inside Elections’ Jacob Rubashkin to note “Chip Roy is seriously lagging in fundraising” and “he hasn’t been able to catch up at all.”

And while Texans have come together in face of a pandemic, Congressman Roy has come apart: downplaying the virus, comparing public health measures to “Nazi Germany” and transforming into the nation’s leading coronavirus skeptic. Now coronavirus is overrunning communities like San Antonio and Austin.

Congressman Roy’s notoriously poor political instincts have officially brought him to a coin flip’s chance of being fired by voters.

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