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Spano Trudges Back to D.C. After Summer of Scandals, Gaffes and Misery

Spano spent summer getting protested, pretending he wasn’t overseas, campaigning in the wrong district, facing lingering questions over his campaign finance scandal and triggering new questions about his self-serving corruption

Odds are you had a better summer than scandal-plagued Congressman Ross Spano.

Congressman Spano returns to Washington this week after an in-district work period that didn’t exactly see much of the embattled congressman in his district.

Surely, Ross would like to forget much of it. Unfortunately for him, we didn’t!

The lowlights:

And here are just some of the awful local headlines that filled Congressman Spano’s dreaded morning clips this summer:

Florida Politics: Postcard from Europe: Ross Spano’s pathetic fundraising

July 16, 2019

Florida Politics: DCCC hammers Ross Spano on latest (weak) financial report

July 16, 2019

Tampa Bay Times: Fundraising issues for Congressman Ross Spano continue

July 24, 2019

Roll Call: Rep. Ross Spano still hasn’t addressed possibly illegal fundraising debts

July 25, 2019

Tampa Bay Times: Ross Spano complains that climate deniers like him are unfairly labeled as ‘idiots’

August 6, 2019

Florida Politics: Ross Spano goes full climate denier on weekend television

August 6, 2019

Tampa Bay Times: Two new complaints filed against Ross Spano

August 6, 2019

Lakeland Ledger: US Rep. Ross Spano faces 2 new complaints

August 6, 2019

Florida Politics: Kathy Castor blasts Ross Spano over climate change in Thursday Twitter storm

August 8, 2019

Tampa Bay Times: Editorial: Ross Spano is no idiot. But on climate change, he’s on a different planet

August 8, 2019

Florida Politics: Climate activists deliver ‘Global Warming for Dummies’ to Ross Spano

August 12, 2019

Florida Daily: Democrats Target Ross Spano in Central Florida Congressional Race

August 18, 2019

Lakeland Ledger: Spano again faces questions over campaign contributions.

August 19, 2019


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