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Steve Chabot Touts Recovery Funds He Voted Against as Third Child Tax Credit Payment Hits Bank Accounts

Chabot joins his colleagues in praising the popular American Rescue Plan, which he and every other House Republican voted against

Whether it’s pretending 10 years of hurricanes never happened or praising crucial recovery legislation he voted against, Rep. Steve Chabot truly has no shame in misleading his constituents.

This time, Chabot played up the American Rescue Plan’s provisions for childcare and other child-related benefits, saying in a recent interview:

“There are definitely additional opportunities that are there for childcare and a whole range of other needs that people have, both women and men, nowadays, to take care of their kids. In the American Rescue Plan, which, you know, typically in Washington there are things in it that you like, and there are things in it that you don’t like. But I do think that a lot of the childcare provisions in various bills have been very helpful. So … you might want to contact your local representative to find out exactly what’s there.”

While it’s true the American Rescue Plan has been a massive help in the country’s recovery, including bolstering childcare support for families, there is one small detail Chabot is leaving out: he and every single House Republican voted against it.

Chabot, like every one of his colleagues, looked at this crucial support for American families and said NO.

In Ohio’s First Congressional District alone, child tax credits benefit over 143,000 children.

“Steve Chabot’s shameless promotion of the American Rescue Plan he voted against is disingenuous and misleading,” said DCCC spokesperson Abel Iraola. “But Chabot is right about one thing: Democratic policies are proving to be very helpful in lifting up families and supporting America’s recovery, no thanks to him.”


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