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The Hill: DCCC Makes Seven Figure Investment in Digital, Print, and Radio Advertising to Reach Latino Voters Across the House Battlefield

“The latest ad barrage follows an independent expenditure TV campaign released to [support] candidates in California, New Mexico, Florida and Texas.”

 As we head into the final stretch of this election year, House Democrats continue to fortify their massive battlefield by investing in turning out Latino voters across the country who will be critical to their paths to victory.

The latest seven-figure investment announced Wednesday will reach Latino voters where they get their news on digital, print, and radio platforms and builds on two years of research and on the ground engagement across the country through the DCCC’s Cycle of Engagement Program.

“The DCCC isn’t taking a single vote for granted, that’s why we’ve been on the ground, building relationships and investing earlier than ever to turn out the Latino electorate. This seven-figure ad buy builds on those early investments,” said DCCC Spokesperson Fabiola Rodriguez. “Make no mistake, this November Latino voters won’t be fooled by the lies of a Republican Party that has consistently voted to gut their health coverage and supported the cruel policies of the Trump Administration.”

The Hill: House Democrats target Hispanic voters in battlegrounds with new barrage of ads


  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) on Wednesday announced a seven-figure ad campaign targeting Hispanic voters in battleground districts throughout the country. The digital, print and radio ads seek to promote mail voting and to support candidates in tough races.
  • “We are not taking anything or anyone for granted and our latest investment in digital, print, and radio advertising will reach voters where they get their news,” said Rep. Cheri Bustos(D-Ill.), chairwoman of the DCCC, in a statement.
  • “These investments are only possible because of the early commitment we made to research in critical Latino communities, and build on our on-the-ground work to engage and mobilize Latino voters across the House battlefield,” added Bustos.
  • The distribution of ads reflects the DCCC’s battleground map. It is defending substantial gains made in 2018 in California and hoping to replicate that success this year in Texas.
  • The latest ad barrage follows an independent expenditure TV campaign — ads that weren’t coordinated with individual campaigns and don’t count against campaign spending — released to prop up candidates in California, New Mexico, Florida and Texas.
  • The content of the ads reflects wildly different realities on the ground across the country.
  • The video, radio and generic Spanish-language print ads relay a message generally supporting Democratic House candidates and instructions on how to vote by mail.


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