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DCCC Reaches Latino Voters Through Digital, Print, and Radio Ads Across the House Battlefield

Paid investment continues 2-year commitment to connecting with communities of color and young people through the Cycle of Engagement Program

This investment comes in addition to the DCCC IE’s TV spending to reach Latino voters in California, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas

The DCCC understands that earning the trust and support of the Latino community is how we earn their votes – a strategic imperative for Democrats’ ability to protect and expand our House Democratic majority this November.

That’s why in addition to the seven-figure investment from the DCCC Independent Expenditure to reach Latino voters, the DCCC has launched digital, print, and radio ads focusing on GOTV and voter education to reach the diverse and ever-growing Latino electorate across the country. These additional seven-figures in ad buys reach Latino voters across the DCCC’s battlefield, build on research that has been conducted in Spanish and English throughout 2019 and 2020, and are part of the DCCC’s $30 million Cycle of Engagement program.

“We are not taking anything or anyone for granted and our latest investment in digital, print, and radio advertising will reach voters where they get their news. These investments are only possible because of the early commitment we made to research in critical Latino communities, and build on our on-the-ground work to engage and mobilize Latino voters across the House battlefield,” DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos said. “Latino voters are critical to our Democratic coalition and their values of family, entrepreneurship, and fairness are the same values House Democrats are fighting for in Congress.”

Through the Cycle of Engagement Program, the DCCC has proactively worked to build on the success achieved in 2018 to engage Latino voters.

  • In March of 2019, the DCCC placed nearly 60 organizers in dozens of communities across the country.
  • The DCCC also partnered with BOLD PAC, the political arm of the Hispanic caucus and Latino Decisions on several occasions this cycle to conduct research across the House battlefield on how to best turnout Latino voters.
  • In January of 2020, the DCCC launched its constituency organizer program, placing organizers in districts where AAPI, African American, Hispanic, and Native American voters will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of contested House races to help engage, inform, and mobilize residents to take political action in November and beyond.
  • In May of 2020, the DCCC launched its first ever virtual action center to serve as the first access point for volunteers to get involved in virtual phone banks, voter registration drives and house parties while regularly scheduled in-person campaign activity is suspended. The VAC has volunteers making calls in Spanish and over 30 languages.

In addition to the DCCC’s Cycle of Engagement, since 2019, the DCCC along with its partners at the DSCC and DNC have gone on offense to protect ballot access, investing more than $10 million in a historic litigation strategy aimed at beating back Republican voter suppression efforts that overwhelmingly target people of color. To date, Democrats have won or settled more than a dozen cases in key battlegrounds like Georgia and Texas where Latinos will be critical to Democratic victories in November.


Digital Ads will reach voters until election day via Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Snapchat, YouTube, and various digital publishers across the web in the following districts: AZ-01, AZ-06, CA-10, CA-21, CA-25, CA-39, CA-48, CO-03, FL-26, GA-07, NJ-07, NM-02, NV-03, NV-04, NY-11, NY-02, TX-03, TX-07, TX-10, TX-21, TX-22, TX-23, TX-24, TX-25, UT-04.


Radio ads will reach voters in the following districts: CA-25, CA-39, CA-48, NM-02, NJ-07, NY-02, NY-11, TX-02, TX-03, TX-06, TX-07, TX-21, TX-22, TX-23, TX-24, TX-32.


Print ads will reach voters via local Spanish languages newspapers in the following districts: CA-21, CA-25, CA-39, CA-45, CA-48, CA-49, FL-26, NY-02, TX-21, TX-23, TX-24, TX-32.


Digital and Radio Scripts:

Make a Plan to Vote By Mail:

Audio 1.

Grandma: Direct to Camera

Voy a votar por correo

para proteger a mi familia

Audio 2.

Student: Direct to Camera

I’m Voting By Mail

para ayudar a mi comunidad

Audio 3.

Mother: Direct to Camera

2020 has been uncertain. I’m not waiting.

I’m Voting By Mail

Audio 4.

VO – male voice

Vote early.

Make a Plan Today.



Después de un año muy difícil, tenemos muy claro que la representación importa a cada nivel, no solo en la casa blanca sino también en el congreso.

Sea como sea, hay que votar por líderes demócratas que estén de nuestro lado en el congreso.

Los demócratas trabajarán  para que todos tengamos cuidado médico a bajo costo y

lucharán para que los seguros no te quiten la cobertura médica si tienes una condición preexistente como el cáncer o diabetes.

Y al tener Demócratas en el Congreso significa que nuestras familias tengan el apoyo que necesitan, especialmente durante la pandemia.

!Ya la gente está votando! Entonces hagan un plan seguro y conveniente para votar para ti y tu familia.   No esperes, ve a para más información.

Pagado por DCCC. No autorizado por ningún candidato o comité de candidato.


Para el corrupto Carlos Giménez, cuidar de su familia significa…

Negocios turbios y contratos del gobierno.

Mientras era alcalde, su administración otorgó millones a compañías enlazadas con su familia.

Su familia manejaba la empresa que construyó el puente que se derrumbó,

¿Y después del accidente?

Carlos el Corrupto los recomendó para un nuevo contrato multimillonario.

Enriquecerse con nuestros impuestos.

Para el corrupto Carlos Gimenez, es un asunto familiar.

DCCC es responsable por el contenido de este anuncio.


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