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GOP Congressional Candidate Peggy Huang Touts Sole Federal Endorsement from Senator Who Worked to Raise Health Care Costs and Eviscerate American’s Health Care

Senator Cassidy’s Endorsement of Huang for Congress Says All You Need to Know about Peggy Huang’s Healthcare Priorities for Orange County Families

As Orange County GOP Congressional candidates roll out their faltering campaigns and tout the endorsements and support of failed Washington GOP swamp creatures, Peggy Huang, a candidate running in CA-45 but who lives in CA-39, seems happy to hype her sole Federal endorsement from Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana….

YES, that Senator Cassidy… The full-time Trump-supporter and the Senator whose most famous policy proposal was a last-ditch health care repeal bill that still has Trump’s support, would have caused millions to lose coverage, made insurance premiums and out-of-pocket cost to soar and cut protections for those with preexisting conditions. Not to mention, Cassidy’s healthcare bill would have also gutted Medicaid while also imposing an Age Tax on older Americans.

“Senator Cassidy’s support for Peggy Huang shows Orange County voters exactly what they need to know about Huang – that she will ignore the daily challenges OC families face due to rising health care cost and side with Washington special interests and pharmaceutical companies,” said DCCC Spokesperson, Andy Orellana. “With endorsements from supporters like health care cutting crusader Senator Cassidy, we can’t wait to see the details of the Huang-Cassidy health care plan.”


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