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NC-14 GOP Candidate Pat Harrigan Fails to File Legally Required Personal Financial Disclosure

What is Pat Harrigan hiding about his personal finances?

NC-14 GOP candidate Pat Harrigan has refused to file his federally mandated financial disclosure forms that were due months ago, according to new reporting from WFAE.

All candidates who have raised over $5,000 are legally required to file these documents. Gun manufacturer Pat Harrigan – who boasted about how his firearms business financially “benefited from the increase in gun sales following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” because “AR-15s were […] in their heyday” – has raised over $300,000.

The deadline for submission was in May. Five months later, voters are left wondering what Pat Harrigan is hiding?

This is hardly the first time Harrigan’s integrity has been called into question. In June it was revealed that he personally benefited from hundreds of thousands in forgivable loans under the Paycheck Protection Program, despite his vocal criticism of federal aid.

DCCC Spokesperson Monica Robinson
“Republican Pat Harrigan bragged about financially profiting off of selling AR-15s in their ‘heyday’ after the devastating mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School – but now he’s hiding his personal finances from voters. North Carolinians deserve a leader with actual integrity who delivers for them in Congress, not someone ducking federal ethics law to mask his finances.”

Read more from WFAE:

WFAE: Charlotte-area Congressional candidates haven’t filed required financial disclosures
By Steve Harrison
September 21, 2022

  • “Three Congressional candidates in the Charlotte area have not filed federally required financial disclosure forms ahead of the November election.”

  • Republican Pat Harrigan, who owns a business that manufactures and sells guns, has not filed his form. He is running against Democratic state Sen. Jeff Jackson in the state’s new 14th Congressional district, which includes half of Mecklenburg County and most of Gaston County.”

  • “All sitting House members must file disclosure forms, along with candidates who have raised more than $5,000. The deadline for candidates to file was May.”

  • “Harrigan owns ZRODelta, which manufactures handguns and assault-style rifles in Burke County. He served with the Green Berets in Afghanistan. He has raised nearly $340,000, according to the most recent campaign finance report through June.”

  • “Harrigan couldn’t be reached for comment.”


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