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With NOVA Town Hall, Speaker Ryan Reveals Comstock Will Vote for GOP Tax Scam

Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t doing Rep. Barbara Comstock any favors.

Just a week after Virginia Democrats beat establishment Republicans up and down the ballot in Northern Virginia, Ryan is holding a nationally televised town hall in Comstock’s district to sell his deeply unpopular GOP tax scam that will hike taxes on middle class families and homeowners in Northern Virginia and give cuts to the wealthiest and big corporations.

Through his town hall, Speaker Ryan achieves three things:

  • Further clarifies that Comstock will vote for this tax scam, which “could really hurt” Northern Virginia. Unless Speaker Ryan is totally disrespectful of his most vulnerable Members, Comstock blessed this town hall in her district.
  • Puts a big spotlight on the fact that Comstock hasn’t held a single public town hall during her nearly three years in Congress.
  • Brings his toxicity to VA-10: A poll last month found that Paul Ryan was toxic in Comstock’s district, with only 20% of voters approving of him compared to 71% who disapprove.

“Speaker Paul Ryan must want Rep. Barbara Comstock to lose next November – that’s the only explanation for why he plans to sell his tax hikes on suburban middle class families and homeowners in Comstock’s suburban district,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “Ryan is a deeply unpopular messenger selling a deeply unpopular tax scam in a district that stands to lose more than almost any other. And what’s worse for the people of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, this is the strongest signal yet that Comstock will vote for this tax scam.”

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