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Oct 10 2017

News · Press Release

Rep. Bost and Candidate Bost Still Don’t Agree on Town Halls

“I provide open forums to take questions while he hides behind a telephone in a scripted setting while billing the taxpayers for it,” – Candidate Mike Bost in 2014. Tonight Rep. Mike Bost is holding yet another telephone town hall, despite growing pressure from his constituents for him to hold in person town halls as he […]

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Sep 29 2017

News · Press Release

Constituents Celebrate Barbara Comstock’s 1,000th Day without a Town Hall

Today marks Representative Barbara Comstock’s 1,000th day in office without holding a single public town hall. The disgraceful streak has only increased the pressure from her constituents, a group of whom went to Capitol Hill today to mark the occasion. The constituents, led by the grassroots group Dump Comstock, handed out “Dump Comstock” stickers and […]

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Jun 6 2017

News · Press Release · Shareable

Once again, Brian Mast cannot explain his votes for Republican Repeal and Ripoff bill

Congressman Brian Mast’s latest attempt to defend his vote for the Republican health care repeal and ripoff bill at last night’s town hall was even more disastrous than his last attempt and the one before that and even the one before that. Admittedly, it’s hard to defend a bill that would rip health insurance away […]

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Jun 5 2017

Key Vote Alert · Press Release · Shareable

DCCC Statement in Response to Rep. Mast Town Hall

DCCC spokesperson Cole Leiter released the following statement in response to Congressman Brian Mast’s town hall: “Voters in south Florida came looking for answers from Brian Mast about why he went back on his promise to protect people living with preexisting conditions. But instead of treating his voters with respect and giving them an honest […]

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