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KEY VOTE ALERT: Peter Roskam Sells out Chicagoland with Middle Class Tax Hike

Washington Republicans voted along party lines today to approve Rep. Peter Roskam’s tax plan to hike taxes on middle class families and homeowners in Chicagoland while giving a big break to big corporations and the richest one percent.

We’ve already said a lot about just how bad Rep. Peter Roskam’s tax plan is for Chicagoland, and Roskam has tied himself in knots trying to defend it.

By eliminating the State and Local Deduction that 45% of Roskam’s constituents count on for federal tax relief, the plan is going to hit especially hard in Chicagoland. As many as 23% of middle class families in Illinois would see their taxes go up by 2027 under Roskam’s plan.

This week all eight Democrats vying to challenge Roskam in 2018 stood together to oppose his corporate tax cut bill.

“There are winners and losers with any tax bill, but you would think that with the pen in his hand Rep. Peter Roskam wouldn’t write a plan that made losers out of so many middle class families and homeowners in his own district,” said DCCC spokesperson Jacob Peters. “Peter Roskam sold out Chicagoland in order to deliver a tax break for big corporations, and that is going to haunt him in 2018.”

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