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Sep 20 2017

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It’s been a rough few days for Erik Paulsen and his DC lobbyist friends. First, he gets into a public spat with FP1 strategies, a DC lobbying group that took credit for reversing his position on the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT). Then, he sent a statement to the Washington Post trying to save face. Now, […]

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Sep 6 2017

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Happy Anniversary, Erik Paulsen! Let’s Play Trivia

Today, the DCCC is celebrating the 6-year anniversary of Rep. Erik Paulsen’s last public town hall on September 6, 2011 with a trivia contest. Play along on Twitter using the #Sept6x6 hashtag to find out what’s been happening in Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District during Paulsen’s absence or check out Paulsen’s town hall watch to learn […]

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Aug 25 2017

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Erik Paulsen should stop serving up his baloney-on-a-stick

Today at the Minnesota State Fair, Congressman Erik Paulsen tried to rewrite history on his reckless vote for the Republican Repeal & Rip-off health care bill that would have ripped health care away from 23 million Americans, imposed an unfair age tax on older Americans, and jacked up health care premiums across the board. DCCC […]

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May 31 2017

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Minnesota Republicans Hiding After CBO Report Released

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released new numbers on the impact of the Republican Repeal and Ripoff health care bill that Minnesota Republican Reps. Paulsen and Lewis voted for. The bill would result in 23 million Americans losing their insurance nationwide, but the bill’s impact is just as eye popping in Minnesota: 251,400 Minnesotans […]

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May 9 2017

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The stage is yours, Representative Paulsen

The stage is yours, Representative Paulsen After the stunning rebuke Representative Erik Paulsen received from his hometown press this weekend, you’d think he would use this one week recess to explain voting “yes” to rip away health insurance from millions, slap an age tax on older Americans, increase insurance premiums, and strip away protections for […]

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